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Member of Landscape Ontario

2012 to 2016 




Patio with Waterfall Flagstone Walkway                
Driveway with Front Entrance  Patio with Wall/Pillars                
Walkway with Armourstone  Walkway                  












Patios and Driveways...








Patio                                         Twin Driveways with Middle Planter                  


















Patio with Wall/Pillar































































More to Come...





Planter-Stair b Planter-Stair Steps-Planters Steps-Planters b Steps-Planters c Planters-Steps c Planters-Steps d Planter-Landing Planter Vented Planter Tumbled
Step-Planter Tumbled Step-Planter Tumbled b Planter TwoTier Planter TwoTier b Planter TwoTier c          






Steps FrontSteps QrtrCircle FrontSteps QrtrCircle b Staircase b Staircase Planters-Steps b Planters-Steps e Planters-Steps f Planters-Steps g Planters-Steps
PatioSteps PatioSteps Terracotta PatioSteps Terracotta b FrontSteps-Planter FrontSteps Tumbled PatioSteps Tumbled        


Driveway Apron Driveway Random Driveway Tumbled b Driveway Tumbled Driveway Terracotta b Driveway Terracotta        


Before & After...



Before 3 After 3 Before 13 After 13 Before 2 After 2 Before 4 After 4 Before 12 After 12
Before 11 After 11 Before 15 After 15 Before 7 After 7 Before 17 After 17 Before 6 After 6
Before 10 After 10 Driveway Before Driveway After Walkway 1 Before Walkway 1 After Before 18 After 18 Before 5 After 5
Landing-Steps Before Landing After DrivewayWalk Before DrivewayWalk After DrivewaySide Before DrivewaySide After Before 8 After 8 Before 9 After 9
Pool Regrade Before Pool Regrade After Before 14 After 14 Before 15b After 15b WalkSteps Before WalkSteps After RaisedPatio Before RaisedPatio After
Before 16 After 16 After 16b              






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