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Member of Landscape Ontario

We do...

patios          driveways          walkways          planters          steps          retaining walls  
flagstone          slate          natural/landscape rock          pre-cast rock          water features

planting          grading          sodding          designing   

...to name a few

If there is a project you have in mind, which is not listed above, talk to us about it. 
Chances are, we have probably done it already, or else something quite similar.

Whatever project you may have in mind, the first step is to give us a call so that
we can schedule an appointment for an estimate.  Once we understand the  
customer's needs, the process moves along quickly from there.


Once a project begins, we stay on that same project until the very end.  Upon
completion, we clean whatever mess we may have created. 

All materials are supplied by us.  We work with each customer to ensure all 
materials are exactly what the homeowner wants (samples are usually provided 
prior to installation).  Once a design has been drawn up, we don't break ground
on the project until all alterations the customer may wish have been made to the
plan and have been approved. 

Every effort is made to ensure that the homeowner's experience in hiring us is   
a stress-free experience...even a pleasurable one, at that. 



Not only do we do residential sub-divisions, we also do work for custom homes in rural areas where we are able to create great works of art.  We can use full size excavators to build natural stone retaining walls, even during the winter months (long before the frost has set in the ground).  Not only do we do small, residential water features for our customers, we can also build large, country estate ponds and natural swimming ponds, where nature and homeowner live side by side, free to enjoy the wonder of nature's beauty. 


Oh, yes, let us not forget fences and decks as well...






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